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28.02.2017, Our Apps

ewz: New app for quality management

ewz Telecom uses mobile apps for the implementation of the «ewz.zürinet» fiber-optic network since the beginning of the project, supporting engineers in data collection and rollout. The new QA app provides efficient support in the quality assurance process.



Fully digitized processes


By 2019, approximately 240,000 apartments will benefit from «ewz.zürinet» - the glass fiber network of the city of Zurich. An ambitious project that is professionally planned and implemented by ewz Telecom.

ewz relies on consistently digitized processes: instead of using paper and cameras, the installers are equipped with iPads and two preinstalled apps. These allow for structured data collection of parameters such as location plans, existing lines, etc. In the subsequent rollout phase, the installers have access to all collected data via the app and are supported with instructions and checklists in the installation process.


New App: Efficient support in the quality assurance process


The new QA app makes the ewz app trilogy complete. It provides efficient support in the quality assurance process of installed systems in all process steps:

  • Ordering via app: ewz assigns orders to their controllers via the app to check completed installations.
  • Structured control process: The checks are carried out on the basis of predefined checklists, and detected defects are recorded directly in the app. All data are validated for completeness before completion of the control process.
  • Automatically assign corrective action: Deficiencies detected automatically resolve orders to installers, including the time to resolve them.
  • Follow-up inspection: As a last step, final improvements are made.

All three ewz apps have been implemented as native iOS apps due to high security and usability requirements and can be installed on compatible iPads and iPhones via an MDM platform. In addition to order management, they provide process-controlled data acquisition (selection boxes, free-text acquisition, on-off buttons, photo documentation, etc.), data retrieval with download facilities and offline usage.


Sustained efficiency gains achieved


Consistent digitalization has already paid off for ewz: Since the introduction of the first two apps, the survey and installation process per apartment has grown 4 times faster and the cost savings achieved are already higher than the app development costs by a significant factor.



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