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21.03.2017, Our Apps

New: A Widget for the Weather Alarm App

To the 12th anniversary of the storm service in Switzerland, Wetter-Alarm offers its customers a useful gift: an update of the weather alarm app with a new widget function!

Wetter-Alarm Widget


12 years ago, Wetter-Alarm (weather alert), a storm service in Switzerland, was launched. 1 million customers already use Wetter-Alarm at home, at work or at their leisure spots, to be warned about natural hazards or to stay informed about what the current weather situation is.

For its' birthday, Wetter-Alarm has created a useful gift for their customer: a Widget which can be added to the home screen of their phones or tablets.

The widget provides quick access to the most important weather and storm weather info without having to open the app:

  • All favorites selected within the app can be glanced at with just a swipe
  • Optionally, the current weather, daily or weekly forecasts can also be viewed


In case you do not yet have installed the Weather Alarm App on your phone or tablet, you can download it here:


App Store

Google Play



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