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29.07.2016, Our Apps

New: The «eWIVAR» app for controlling Zehnder bathroom radiators

Home automation is making life easier: Anyone that owns a Zehnder design bathroom radiator can now conveniently control it using the «eWIVAR» Android app .



Precise control, daily and weekly schedules, NFC data transfer


The new «eWIVAR» Android app enables the precise, to-the-minute control of the heating temperatures for Zehnder bathroom radiators:

  • Daily schedules can be created, with time periods of 15 minutes each. For the heating temperature, you have an option of choosing the ambient temperature T2, the higher room temperature T4 or a predefined radiator temperature.
  • Different daily schedules can be put together in a clearly arranged weekly schedule.
  • The transfer of the weekly plans occurs directly from the app via NFC on the controller BASIC RF.
  • The weekly schedule on the controller can also be loaded on the smartphone to be edited or changed.

The prerequisite for using the app as a control is that the radiator is equipped with the WIVAR electric immersion heater and the user has the BASIC RF controller available.


About Zehnder Group


Zehnder Group Switzerland AG is the pioneer among Swiss radiator manufacturers with 80 years of production experience and has Europe's largest selection of tailor-made radiators. System solutions are offered in the comfort ventilation sector that provide a comfortable indoor climate and a healthy air exchange. In addition, the Zehnder Group Switzerland AG is also one of the technological leaders in the field of heating and cooling ceiling systems. With its Clean Air Solutions, the company demonstrates its great field of competence in industrial air cleaning systems.


Available at Google Play Store


The Android app, implemented by appculture on behalf of Zehnder, has been available on the Google Play Store since July 22, 2016.


Google Play


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