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Promotional App for Rivella Mango

Rivella has created an exotic idea for the launch of its «Rivella Mango»: passers-by can prove their karaoke talent at a Rivella stand. The performances are recorded with an iPad app.

Switzerland speaks Mango

The new summer flavor from Rivella is called «Rivella Mango». It promises pura vida, an indescribable feeling unless you're fluent in Mango. «Switzerland speaks Mango» is the motto of the corresponding advertising campaign.

The Rivella booth making its rounds through Switzerland in April and May will not only invite passers-by to try out the new product, but also prove their karaoke talent. Those who dare can don a sombrero, pick a song, and let it rip.

After its first stop at Zurich central station, the booth will be in Lucerne on May 2 and 3, and in Geneva on May 30 and 31.

The Rivella Mango promo stand at Zurich Central Station on April 18, 2017
Mango-Karaoke live


iPad Promo-App


The performances are recorded by means of an iPad app which streams the video in parallel to a monitor. The app also contains the selection of songs and lyrics displayed together with the melody.

The videos are automatically edited in the app and uploaded to the Rivella YouTube channel shortly thereafter. Participants receive the link to their YouTube video via SMS or email so they can share it with their friends right away.

The iPad with the karaoke app built into the stand

The idea for the app and the storyboard was created on Rivella's behalf by Promotion-Tools AG. appculture AG was hired by Promotion-Tools to handle the technical side of the app, including its design, architecture, implementation of the iPad app programmed in Swift, and its backend workflows.

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