Weather Alarm App

Severe weather warnings and everything you want to know about the weather.

Ex Libris App

Mobile shopping for music, film and book lovers.

ewz iPad Apps

For the Rollout of theZurich Fiber Optic Network.

Denner App

Mobile Wineshop and Denner Promotions.

Ex Libris Reader App

Mobile reading pleasure for e-book fans andthose who want to become one.

Jumbo App

Loyalty Vouchers and Wheel of Fortune.

Rivella Mango Promotion App

Have fun with Mango karaoke!

Ex Libris Smart TV App

Video on Demand – everything the viewer's heart desires.

MediData App

Easy transmission ofreimbursement receipts to insurance companies.

Ex Libris Player App

Mobile Video on Demand.

Jelmoli Scanning App

Mobile support in the customer advising process.

«eWIVAR» App

To-the-minute control of the heating temperatures for Zehnder bathroom radiators.

Bluewin App

Enjoy News, Sports & more - in a multimedia way.

Globus App

Benefit from Bonuses and Promotions.

Quickline Fieldforce App

Fast Service, onsite.

Feller KNX App

The modern type of Remote Control.

Care4mobility App

Vehicle data and contract details always at hand.

Glarnerland / SOgenda Apps

Everything that´s happeningin the Region.

webnwine App

Wine cellar management and access to wine database with over 40‘000 wines.

tigerline App

Golf GPS rangefinder and travel guide

Further App References

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Zermatt Matterhorn App
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Fust App (until 2016)
Homegate App (until 2012)
Comparis Car Market App (until 2010)
Comparis Smart Shopper App (until 2010)
Thommy BBQ App (until 2011)
Swisscom My Tone App (not anymore available)
Swisscom Xtra-Zone App (not anymore available)
Helsana Sehtest App (not anymore available) App (not anymore available)
LookItUp App (not anymore available)
Piip Messenger App (not anymore available)
Blue Tomato App (not anymore available)
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