Mobile Consulting

Strategie und Beratung

Your business goals - our Mobile expertise.

Mobile platforms are playing an increasingly important role in the digitalization strategies of many companies.

As specialists in app design and development, we take your company's goals and requirements, analyze the market and your competition, and help you define your strategy and requirements for mobile products. Once these have been defined, we then work with you to select the best technology and platforms, create specific product concepts, and test them with end users and other sparing partners to further refine them.

We support you in every stage of the process, from defining the strategy to the finished product design, and work with you to ensure that the needs of your target audience are met.


  • Mobile strategy consulting
  • Market and competition analyses
  • Mobile product design
  • Technology consulting
  • User-centered research
  • Marketing consulting

Technical advancements and pioneering innovations in the automotive industry impel us, as warranty insurers, to constantly develop new products and services. Our newest service – the “care4mobility app” – provides policy holders with a mobile overview of all of their vehicle dat, contact and contract information as well as reminders about upcoming appointments or warranty expiration dates. With appculture at our side, we had a reliable and competent partner to ensure smooth conception and on-time implementation of our application.

Darko Kosic, Head of IT & Operations, Real Garant Versicherung AG

Interaction Design

User Interaction Design

A perfect user experience is a key factor for success.

A perfect user experience is a key factor for the success of every app. But what determines an optimal user experience apart from flawless technological performance? In our opinion, an app should offer intuitive usability, focus on the core benefits, and still offer all the features users need and want. It should take into account the respective platform usability standards, be both visually appealing as well as practical, offer what it promises and even more, and, last but not least, it should be fun to use!

Our interaction design specialists have years of experience designing successful solutions for mobile and stationary frontends. And we closely involve clients and end users in the app design from the very beginning, in order to transform users into fans.


  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • Content Design
  • Prototyping
  • Usability Testings

We want to reward our loyal customers with the new JUMBO Bonus App 3.0 by offering them a perfect app. appculturewas a very competent and reliable partner that supported us throughout the development process.

Andreas Wyss, Teamleitung Digital, Jumbo-Markt AG

App Marketing

App Marketing

Always with an eye to success.

In each phase of the project, we keep everything on the narrow path to market success. During conception we focus on helping you to set clear marketing objectives, to select the best technology and our design team creates customer-focused user experience. During the pre-launch and launch phases, the focus is on marketing activities, while the challenge after a successful launch is to turn early users into loyal, long-term app users.

An app can be a lot more than just a product to be marketed. It can also be an important marketing tool for the entire company. For example, M-commerce apps can serve as a new sales channel and mobile service platforms can lead to a significant increase in customer loyalty.

As sparring partners, we provide support to help you keep an eye on the marketing aspect in every phase of the project. We ask the relevant questions and do what's necessary to ensure the app's success as a product, service, or marketing tool.


  • Marketing Consulting
  • App store optimization
  • App landing pages
  • App marketing campaigns

Mobile Engagement

Mobile Engagement

How app users become loyal customers.

App downloads are only half the battle: on average, a quarter of all users delete an app after the first use and only 36% ever use it more than 11 times. It's important, then, to convince users from the very beginning with an outstanding offer, usability and performance.

To turn initial users into loyal customers requires even more. Modern engagement tools enable comprehensive analysis and segmentation options as a basis for targeted mobile engagement, whether via push notifications, in-app messages, or newsfeeds. The more targeted these are to customer needs, the more effective they will be.

Many of our customers have already successfully introduced mobile engagement. We will be glad to help you.


  • App Analytics
  • Engagement strategy
  • Push strategy
  • Tool evaluations

Software Engineering

App Development

Proven engineering expertise in many technologies.

Non-engineers often do not realize that software engineering is a creative act, where it is necessary to carefully design the puzzle pieces of the software in order create a continuous, harmonious, and flexible extensible architecture. Engineering is precision work. The more experience and quality is in a code, the higher the quality of the end result.

Our software architects and engineers offer well-proven expertise in mobile technologies (iOS, Android), web frontend technologies, popular CMS frameworks (e.g., WordPress) and backend technologies and products (Java,.Net and PHP). And if an app needs to communicate with an existing backend, we design and build the appropriate APIs.


  • Mobile Engineering (iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Android Wear)
  • TV Engineering (Samsung, LG, Opera, Apple TV, Android TV)
  • Desktop Engineering (PC and Mac)
  • Web-Frontend Engineering / Responsive Design
  • CMS (WordPress)
  • Cloud/Backend (Java, .Net, PHP)
  • System-Integration / API Engineering

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance throughout the entire development process.

Creating top-quality software is our ultimate goal. Therefore, quality needs to be a priority from the start.

For example, in the design phase, it is crucial to get user groups and other stakeholders involved in the design process. Prototyping serves this purpose well: even before a single line of code is written, the end result can be simulated so that that important insights can be incorporated into the final design.

During the implementation phase, not only our quality engineers and testers do their work, we also provide our clients with regular beta versions to make sure that the product is still meeting their needs as it develops.


  • Prototyping
  • Test concepts and planning
  • Usability Testings
  • Functional-, Integrations- and Performance Tests
  • Automated Tests
  • Code Reviews

Our projects over the past 4 years have been very professionally managed. The cooperation with the appculture team has been straightforward and enjoyable. The quality of work is very high and deadlines always met reliably.

Martina Aichhorn, Projectmanager E-Commerce, Denner AG

Agile Development


More flexibility thanks to agile development.

Depending on the project and customer requirements, we choose the appropriate development methodology together with our clients. While smaller projects may often be developed by the classic waterfall methodology without problem, today we use agile methods such as Scrum, or a mix of waterfall and agile on most bigger projects.

Agile methods have the advantage that collaboration between customer and development team is tighter and new requirements or market needs can be more rapidly incorporated into the development. This ensures that customers actually obtain the software that best meets their goals. However, a prerequisite is that customers are willing to closely incorporate themselves as product owner during the entire development process and to invest more time. But in terms of quality of the endresult this additional effort often pays for itself.


  • Agile/Scrum Development
  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Testing

App Lifecycle

Lifecycle Management

Customer loyalty through consistent lifecycle management.

Time to market is often crucial, and it is recommended, to go to the starting line with a good quality first app release that perhaps does not yet contain all planned features. Users are glad to be surprised by new features and content in further releases. They often also give their own feedback for further development by app store reviews or app monitoring shows which content is of most interest or gives hints about improvement potential.

We support our customers in all aspects of app lifecycle management in order to create consistently new fun «mobile moments» for loyal users.


  • Performance & User Feedback Monitoring
  • Second- & Third-Level Support
  • App-Upgrades to new OS Releases
  • Release Planning & Implementation