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16.11.2017, Awards Our Apps

UX GOLD for the Weather-Alarm App!

Gold in the category User Experience and Bronze in Functionality for the Weather-Alarm App at the Best of Swiss Apps Award 2017! We are very happy with the Weather-Alarm team!


The tension was enormous at yesterday’s award night. After all, the Weather-Alarm app was first on the shortlist and later even a master candidate.

And it won twice: Gold in the User Experience category and Bronze in Functionality!




Our joy is tremendous! A big thank you for the trust and great cooperation to the Weather-Alarm team and the sponsors: the «Kantonale Gebäudeversicherungen», especially «Kantonale Gebäudeversicherung, Bern», «Helvetia Versicherungen» and to the data sponsor SRF Meteo!


from left to right: André Horstmann (appculture), Aleksandar Bozic (appculture), Marko Tadic (appculture), Marc Lässer (Wetter-Alarm), Florian Walther (Wetter-Alarm), Daniel Estermann (appculture)


What were the goals & challenges of the latest release?


Provide the user even better weather information with high-resolution live-cam images. Because pictures often say more than a thousand bits of data.

For an optimal user experience, the cameras must have very high image resolution. Finally, the high-quality feel of the app should not be marred by an inferior webcam. Through cooperation with Roundshot, a Swiss manufacturer of high-precision camera systems, Weather-Alarm meets this quality standard.

Currently, more than 150 Roundshot live-cams are integrated into the app, providing high-resolution panorama pictures in full HD quality, many with 360 degree coverage. More are planned.


The Solution: Prototyping and Agile Development


To add new features to a successful app also carries risks. The ultimate goal was for the live-cams to not make the rest of the app more complicated or slow — especially on older smartphones.

In the beginning it was not clear: Would our proposal for the operating concept also work in practice? Even though a first prototype already delivered promising results in 2016. But before the  announcement  of the live-cam release in the summer of 2017, countless iterations were necessary. Thanks to continuous testing in everyday life, we found out where we had to further optimize usability and design. We have found ways to load the 9 megapixel panoramic photos so that the user does not feel that he has to wait.


About Weather-Alarm


6 years ago, the Weather-Alarm app was launched. Since then, already over 1 million customers use Weather-Alarm. Not only does the app contain over 150 live cams, detailed weather info, forecasts & various maps. It also warns of bad weather and gives tips for the prevention of damage. At present, Weather-Alarm is ranked at the top among all Swiss weather apps in the App Store.

Weather-Alarm is a free service provided by the «Kantonale Gebäudeversicherungen», «Helvetia Versicherungen» and with meteorological data from SRF Meteo.



You can learn more about Weather-Alarm at www.wetteralarm.ch.




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